If you’re at a stage where you want to thrive instead of simply survive, then..


About Sandra

Based outside of New York City, in Bergen County New Jersey, I work with people (nationwide and in the local area) who consider themselves to be highly motivated and ambitious, but who are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or stuck when it comes to moving forward towards their goals.

Are you…

  • Unsure of which career path to take?

  • Unhappy or unfulfilled in your job?

  • Searching for a direction in your life?

  • Confused about what niche you should focus on in your business?

If so, I can help.

My specialty is helping people axe uncertainty, confusion, and unhappiness in their life. I do this by helping them access their intuition and inner guidance.

In our work together, you will discover the clarity you need to see your true path, and the confidence to break through the fears that hold you back.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact me for a complimentary consultation.



  • 5 years or 5,000+ hours of coaching experience

  • Martha Beck Inc. Life Coach Training Program Graduate (Martha Beck is a Harvard educated practitioner, bestselling author, a frequent guest on Oprah's show, and monthly columnist in Oprah's magazine)

  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing at The University of Arizona

  • Personal experience overcoming many of the challenges I coach my clients on


Sandra’s Story (The long version)

I’ve always had a fascination for personal development and self-transformation. I have a natural drive to help people:

  • learn more about themselves

  • connect with their inner spirit

  • uncover their passions

  • break through their fears

  • live happy, fulfilling lives

I was led to these subjects at an early age, when I was struck with an existential crisis. The questions of “What are we here for?” and “What is the meaning of life?” plagued me. I pondered them more and more, until I became driven to find the answers.

One book that I read, “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle, truly changed my life.

I had always been quite the worrier (as you can tell by the questions that plagued my mind.) I worried about things in the past, and what might happen or not happen in the future.

After reading this book, my thought patterns and perspective on life completely changed. It was the first book to make me realize that I am not my mind, but rather, I am a spiritual being that is connected to the Divine. I no longer churned worries through my head all day and all night, I could separate myself from my mind, and stop or filter through any negative or nonproductive thoughts. As my mind quieted down, I discovered I could more easily access my deeper intuition.

This was a huge breakthrough for me.

Despite this newfound knowledge, I tended to ignore my intuition when it came to dating and my career. I let fear override my intuition with respect to these areas of my life, which led to much confusion, stress, pain, and heartache.

After working with a coach, I was reminded of that place inside me that could guide me. I applied some of the principles I now teach others and I got my life back on track in a direction that was meant for me.


It was at this time that I realized the power of working with someone to break through these fears and heed my inner guidance. I felt a calling to help others the same way I had been helped.  This calling led me to sign up for life coach training with Martha Beck (NYT best-selling author, “O” The Oprah Magazine Columnist, and Harvard P.H.D.) which provided me with even more life-changing tools to help others with.

Now, I make a conscious effort to be honest with myself and listen to my intuition on a day-to-day basis instead of ignoring it and pushing it aside. Trust me, it’s much easier to listen to the inner voice on a day-to-day basis, instead of waiting until your life is in crisis!

Because of this major transformation, I now have a successful coaching practice, and am married with two beautiful daughters.  I feel truly blessed to be where I am, and want the same for you. If you want a breakthrough of your own, contact me for a complimentary consultation.


Sandra’s Official Bio

Sandra Kay is a New York area based life, love, and career coach who uses intuitive insights, practical strategies, and coaching exercises to help people create fulfilling lives. She knows from personal experience that “the struggle is real” when it comes to steering your life in the right direction, and after finally creating a happy and fulfilling life for herself, she’s now dedicated her career to helping others do the same. Sandra has made it her mission to help motivated, ambitious people tune into their inner wisdom, so they can go from surviving, to thriving in their career and life.

Before going through the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program, Sandra graduated from The University of Arizona with a major in marketing, and worked as a marketer in the media and advertising industry for 10 years.

When she’s not working, she enjoys tennis, yoga, hiking, traveling, movies, and spending time with her friends and family.